The streak of losing and/or breaking things continues

At last count here is what I have lost, broken or both since I have moved to Singapore:

  • Windows (AKA blogging) phone
  • Mobile phone with SIM card
  • At least one dress shirt (one of my favorites)
  • Several individual socks (I am now the proud owner of several unmatched pairs of socks.  I get the feeling that conservation of mass does not apply to moving and doing laundry-I have much data on this.)
  • Canon digital camera (to be fair, I have had this camera since the Cretaceous Period)
  • Numerous rechargeable batteries
  • Who knows what else?
As a result of losing my blogging phone, I have lost my notes on Cambodia and Kuala Lumpur.
Cambodia = endless ruins + diarrhea on a stick served at every street corner
KL = Singapore minus a decade or so of development (I am a fan)
Also as a result of losing my Windows phone, I was forced to resuscitate (using my computer ninja skills) my Palm phone (whose screen was cracked BEFORE I got to Singapore in Detroit).  This allowed me to recover some of my Vietnam notes.  The phone died after I covered Danang and Hue.  My Son, Central Highlands and Ho Chi Minh City occurred after the phone died.  I have hand-written notes, but you and I both know I never should have even bothered with those (unless you have the magical ability to read my writing and are willing to type up my gibberish).
Without further adieu, here are notes from my lost phone:

2 Feb 2010

holy hell, I am surrounded by babies!

New addition to Singlish lexicon, “swasive”.  Make up your own definition and use it wisely (and often).

senor taco

puerca and pollo tacos-this will do.  The habanero sauce in a squeeze bottle is making my lip numb.  Guacamole in a squeeze bottle may mean a relapse of stomach-oh well.  The quesadillas are tasty, too.  The smoked chipotle sauce (also in a squeeze bottle) is awesome.  The margaritas are tasty, too.  Really good chips.

mitsubishi is contending with dyson.  The search for hand dryers continue.

Sargam Music Lounge (little India)-like Bollywood Bar and Grill in Houston.  No one made it rain, though.  We of course bought a bottle of Johnny Walker there.  We are desis, after all-well, at least some of us.

3 Feb 2010

Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jalani (24 hrs)- Is this place Bengali?  Biryani in Singapore is nasi briyani dum, adapted to local palettes.  Thus, instead of the meat being cooked into the rice, the rice comes with a side of curry meat.  It is not bad, just different.  What they serve here is more like what in Bengali we would call pulau, that is basmati rice with a lot of orange food colouring.  The rice is rice, nothing spectacular, but the curry chicken is spectacular.  I put my fork in the plump rib meat and the whole chunk of flesh falls apart.  It is soooooooo tender.  The curry base itself is also wonderfully seasoned with a nice kick.  Although this is hardly what I think of when I think of briyani, it still pleasantly surprises.

Gong ci fa cai!  This city is a ghost town.

Kailash Parbat

Pani puri-love the spicy pani

chaat platter (bhel puri, dahi vada, et al)-yes!

Jal jeera-apparently, this is good for the system.  You have to love a deep fried drink . . . maybe.  This is an acquired taste.

Spinach tikki paneer thing-right out of the deep fryer, but not overly hot. With the pudina chutney, it is phenomenal.

The chole is amazing.  The bhatura (bread) is nice and flaky with a beautifully greasy sheen.

4 Feb 2010

Burger King witticisms:

Chicken say, leaning on the pole is for people with no backbone.

Chicken say, commitment is for those without options.

Chicken say, keep music and gas to yourself.

With the King, you’ll never chicken out.

I just saw a woman so ridiculously dressed, I cannot make fun of her.  Yes . . . yes, I can.  It is like a terrible Japanese cartoon  threw up on her.  (That feels much better.)  What was she thinking?

Hainanese Chicken Rice and Curry Noodle (Golden Mile)-Most awesome auntie ever.  She wished us Happy New Year and “exploded” fake fireworks for us.  Apparently, she lived in Seattle.  Gawd, I love laksa.  Apparently, the chicken rice rice is an option in lieu of the noodles.  I am happy with what I got.  I am disappointed that I misread the store name and thought I could get chicken rice with curry chicken.  In theory, you can.

Rong Hua Hot and Cold Drinks, avocado shake-it has chocolate in it.  Sooooooo good and refreshing.  Why have I waited so long to try this?

Sofra Turkish Cafe-Iced apple tea is not bad.  It tastes like real apples.  The lemonade is not bad, but a bit sweet.  Hummus and turkish bread  was amazing, as IeatIshootIpost indicated.  The doner kebap meat was excessively salty and the rice was too buttery.  The sultan kebab was amazing.  It came with mashed potatoes and cheese that even Buford would appreciate-truly superlative.

5 Feb

breakfast champagne-yes

prosecco is tasty.  Asti is really nummy-it is beautifully sweet.

Pipjoe, you have to catch up!

-Has my ability to get drunk ever been an issue?

Tippy cup, mixed race swimming relays.  Brilliant!

Let me get this straight.  You guys will clean up and you just want me to sit here and drink?  I think I can handle that.

Rupee Room smells like FOB

6 Feb 2010

I am super lucky that I randomly woke up early in the morning, because I absolutely passed out before remembering to pack.  I am an idiot.

“This Dim Sum Dolly already flat like pancake.  Please move in.”

Changi, Terminal 1:

Confirmed-Texas Chicken is in fact Church’s.  They have spicy(ish) chicken.  Not bad at all, but US prices.

Free internet portals

Phat TV lounge

Free phone charging (but not for Palm-booooo)

110V outlets

My voice is wrecked.  Why is the night before I always travel a $hit circus?  My head hurts.

Ho Chi Minh City International and Domestic terminals are not physically connected.  Customs was the easiest I have ever experienced.  I guess they get all of the hassle out of the way during the expensive visa process.  The domestic terminal is pretty spartan. There is one small store and a decent restaurant.  Where the hell can I exchange my money?

Now this is the real Asia!

Boarding the flight to Danang was like the melee to get into ZoukOut/Coachella/whatever.  The queue just devolved into a mad rush.

Ooh, how there is so much spitting here (including indoors).  Disgusting.

Chugging beers with my friend’s dad – just the two of us.  I am such a train wreck.

airfish (?) was amazing.  I may have to reconsider my small fish paradigm.  The purple squid was my least favorite.  The crab steamboat-type dish was also tasty.  Unfortunately, by then I was at capacity.

After you see a family of four and all of their stuff on a moped, you really realize how disgustingly excessive most large American vehicles are.

Advice on how to cross the street: just look straight ahead and go.  If you follow the rules, you will never cross.

Apparently, Danang was ravged during the “American War”.  The area around the airport is still contaminated with Agent Orange.

How do we get home from after drinking?

-It depends . . . .

Oh boy . . .

Quang Nam-for more drinking.  I have got to do something about my reputation.  I am an effing lush.

Oh my god, these people are trying to kill me with their delicious food.

Why is watering down beer acceptable? At this point you might as well drink Miller Lite.

7 Feb

My ga for breakfast in Ha Lam-again, less is more.

On the way to Hoi An-rice terraces with mountain drop.

Hoi An-lots of tourists and lots of art

passed out and drooling on myself again.

Chuc mung nam moi!

Non nuoc-famous for high quality stone work and cheap!  I got a baller bracelet.

Ngu Hanh Son (marble Moutains-5)

I am eating a homemade banh mi at a mountaintop pagoda (while the rest of you busters are working).

the cave temple is amazing.  I need a muse to upload the pictures for me so you can see them.

Danang Linh Ung Pagoda-phat ba statue (ginormous-you can see it from km away)

Buddha is actually worshipped here-who knew?

Be thuy muoi (quang nam)-known for veal.  Why do they keep and serve meat at room temp?  Is that what has been messing up my system in Singapore, as well?  The veal soup was amazing.  The meat was ridiculously tender, although they could have eased off the fat.  It was naturally a bit spicy and flavorful.

cafe bonka, quang nam-free wifi, menu in vietnamese


phu ninh lake, Tam Ky City-beautifully serene

Toan’s mom manages a restaurant/reception hall.  Are they trying to marry me off?  Not the first time.

I may have to rethink my fish paradigm.  This red wine is not as good as our lunch wine, but not bad.  Of course it is French.

This is why Tuan’s mom chastized me for not wearing pants.  They are trying to marry me off!

We just spent the last several minutes hiding from the Vietnamese Mafia.  I read there is no such thing as a fair fight.  $hit seriously just got real.

Nha Hang Coffee-karaoke, b!tches1

more karaoke-the Vietnamese are getting Rick-rolled!

And now, here are notes from my lost phone (I synced it with Outlook just before I headed to Cambodia, but I do not have much):

13 April

After many trips, I finally made it to 328 Katong Laksa.  I went cockles (not sure if this was the right call, but luckily they did not go overboard on this), chilli, and the whole nine.  The reputation of this place is well deserved.  This is the best thing I have eaten in a mall.  Being able to eat this hell broth in air con is a definite bonus.  I do not get why people rave about Assam (Penang) Laksa; I do not care for sour kick.  I am a Katong (Singapore) Laksa man through and through.

14 April

Chinatown Porridge (Ayer Rajah FC)-who knew they could make gruel so enjoyable?  The porridge with chicken is a real delight.  Cooked fresh, but nothing fancy.  I should have dressed it up with some chillis.


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  1. Posted by jay on May 24, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    We got some unacclaimed pants in David’s room, you check with him if it’s yours.
    I dont know how it happens, but i got 1 of each pair for all my socks as well :))


  2. Apparently you have also lost the ability to decipher what year you are living in 😉


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