Malacca-who knew?

I am trying to go from newest entries to oldest entries, but I may have been inconsistent within the days.  Bear with me here.

12 July

Hong Kong Roast Meat, Ayer Rajah FC-At night, it is mostly the Mamak stalls that are open.  I rarely go in the morning, so I chose this Chinese stall that does not open at night.  The Chinese stalls typically open earlier in the morning and do not serve late dinners.  This stall even offered to skin the roast chicken of my chicken rice.  The rice was nothing special, but the chicken was delightfully tender.  They probably just cheaped it on the rice storage.


11 July

Pho Hoa-Bún Gà Nu?ng (I think).  It was four or five times the cost of what I could get in Vietnam (this is Holland Village, after all), but still very good.


10 July

Riverine Cafe-

apple juice-fresh juices are the bomb-diggety

nachos-imitation Doritos with imitation Hormel chilli.  Next. . .

ayam buah keluak-how can I say no when they printed out the Wikipedia entry? Well, they said no-they ran out yesterday.

Ayam pongteh-this had a combo of sweet and spicy that was not bad at all

kari ayam nyonya-the winner of the day.  I am a fan of all things curry and this was splendid.

kobis goreng kunyit-turmeric plus cabbage: what is not to like?


UNESCO-St. Paul’s Church-there are Muslims around the world that will not learn about or even patronize sights having to do with other religions.  Then, there are those that run around doing ridiculous poses for pictures with sacred items.  Then again, some of those people probably did not realize they were standing next to a gravestone.  This place is a shell of a building but the trip does result in a commanding view of Malacca.

Portia d’ Santiago-this was largely demolished as colonial occupiers pillaged each other.  There is literally nothing left.  The trishaws are ridiculous/terrible.   Some actually have amps and subs.


Muzium Semudara-PIRATES!  Interesting history of the colonial empires that plundered Melaka.


Harmony St-mosque, Hindu temple, and Buddhist temple almost side by side.  I support this.


Jonkers-more gluttony.  Hey Omar, Danza Kuduro for the elevendieth time.  The pineapple tarts guy (we went with the butter version which was so delicious) that we bought from yesterday recognized us and hooked us up with some sort of glutinous rice/blue flower dessert which was also tasty.  I would love just the sticky rice part by itself.  Hooray for free stuff!


Why does the cab to the bus station cost as much as the ride from Melaka to Singapore?  At least the cab driver was awesome and got us to Sentral where the bus home was actually waiting for us (we were 15 minutes late, per my modus operandi).


9 July


Transformers-Yes, I watched a movie on vacation.  It was fairly entertaining, honestly.

Baker’s Cottage-solid snackage.


Pulau Melaka-some day the Arab City will be built.  That day is probably not any time soon.  Masjid Selat Melaka (the “floating” mosque) is the only thing to see here.  To its credit, it is stunning.


Medan Portugis-How is this not more prominently marked?  I mean this is the only place to get dabel’s curry (right?)

Restoran Big Benz Fountain (stall)-dabel’s curry was a winner, as expected.  It was a symphony of spices and flavours.  The fried bean sprouts were also solid.  I wish there was still daylight out to enjoy the seaside views.


Jonkers-much more tacky than the Friday market, but excellent food along the walk.  Red bean mua chee in powdered sugar for the win!  There are more tourists here.


Party Rock anthem is the official song of the Malay peoples.


8 July


planking at Pure (according to Lonely Planet, the hippest place in Malacca) because it was a great idea

Pahlawan Walk night market-this is awesome!  So much stuff that I did not know I wanted but need to have.  chocolate skewers


Newton food court (laksa, apple juice) the laksa soup was desi curryish.  This might be my favourite type of curry.  Full stop.   The use of Tau Ki and kueh tiao noodles is brilliant.

Chicken rice balls-this is pretty solid.  Fresh fruit juices are yumtastic.  Holy hell, random FIREWORKS!  Even the hawkers are out taking pictures.


Lok Lok-skewer.  Fried Tau Ki (tofu skin), welcome to my belly.  Why do they not fry it like that in Singapore?


Hotel Ninety six (906)-plus/minus.  Kindof far from stuff.  Renting bicycles was an excellent idea.



Haig Rd Market,

Royal Penyet-ayam goreng penyet, best fried chicken in Singapore?-maybe.  The deep fried chicken floss pushes it into the realm of epicness.

Yuan Heng Cooked Food, Lor Mai Kai-solid glutinous rice


Jurong Point is literally at the end of the line, the East/West line.  There is an “alley” of Japanese restaurants and shops.  This may require further investigation.  The mall, in general, is ginormous.


7 July

Ayer Rajah FC is back in business (but the Chinese Kopitiam is closed)

Batcha Stall, black pepper chicken rice-I had high hopes for this one, but they were unfulfilled.  The chicken was far more bones than flesh and overly peppered.  The rice was very good and comparable to some of the best rice I have had with chicken rice.

Bismillah Sheik’s Curry, cheese & egg

prata-this would be so good if they used higher quality cheese and could ensure a uniform mix of dough, cheese, and egg.  The curry had been sitting out a while, but had a nice tanginess to it.  This place also has cheese and vegetable murtabaks . . . I am listening . . .


6 July

Miz-honestly nothing jumped out at me as spectacular.  Everything was pretty good.

salmon sashimi-reliably tasty. Way better than farm-raised commercial garbage we get at home.

Unakyu roll (eel  and cucumber)-solid

Soft Shell Crab Roll-I love crunchy in a roll

Negitoro Hand Roll (tuna belly)-for some reason, I remember the seaweed more than the flesh

Teriyaki Mackerel-mackerel, you make a fish fan out of me, yet.

Kanpachi (Amberjack)-I am not sure what it is, but I am cool with it

We may have ordered too much food.


4 July-Happy Independence Day!

Diandin Leluk (Golden Mile Thai Complex)

Spicy mango salad-good, but I could have done without the anchovies

Basil chicken-two thumbs means a healthy dosage of spice.  The chicken was in sauce, instead of dry.  I am okay with this.

Black olive fried rice-always a good bet.  There is sliced chili on the side if you feel the need to prove your Asianness.  I felt no such need.

Durian sticky rice-no pungent aftertaste.  The durian was very tolerable.  I am betting mango would have been better.


3 July


Three Crowns, Booze & Grub-They had Wimbledon with the sound.  This is the first time I have gone out in Singapore to watch sports.  (I cannot say that I am a fan of such local favourites as cricket, badminton, or netball.)  Beer specials help.

margarita chicken sandwich-num

truffle fries-these were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  The taste was only subtly discernable from the regular fries.

papaya salad-really tasty with excellent skewers.

pork crack a lackey-very fatty and deep fried(delicious!) with excellent sauce


Red Dot Brewery-weizen-very light with subtle fruitiness.  I approve.

English Ale-this was not near as sweet as the wheat beers, but still very good.


Sisaket Thai-very good black olive fried rice.


2 July

Sabio (tapas)-Jamon . . .  Excellent, but just a hair salty

chorizo picante . . .  nom nom!

calamari . . .  solid

drunk cake – It is not often I leave dessert behind.  This was one of those times.


The Marmalade Pantry (Orchard Ion)

Granny’s Apple – The spiced apple and cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting was pretty spectacular.  The cake, on its own, was really good but the frosting took it over the top.

The spinach omelette required some assembly.  The ginger tomatoes and mushrooms were served on the side.  They somehow made the exterior of the eggs firm while the interior was runny . . . bliss!


1 July


Ya Mahuddin Al-Jailani: The sup kambing was pretty tasty, but it did not include bread or rice.  These things happen.


I ate, I shot, and now I Post.  Dr. Tay is awesome


30 June

Breadtalk-mango mousse cake was delightful.


29 June

Eighteen Chefs-I had no idea this was just some place in the mall.  Maybe the East Coast location is a better setting.  I guess this is no weirder than shelling out loot at a cze char place.

Cheese baked chili crabs-wow this is spicy, but the combo with the cheese is so good.  For the price, the crab did not seem large or meaty.  This is worth it for the east meets west novelty that so many places try and fail at.  The surplus of included mantou is a definite bonus.


Chef Icon-blueberry cheesecake.  Of course it is delicious.  Cheesecake is perfect for breakfast.


Chilli Padi-The curry chicken was not bad, very tender (take a shot).  It was definitely healthier than the pork dishes.


28 June

Masjid Kassim-it is pretty striking, but I find it ironic that such an imposing masque has stalls across the street serving beer.  Could this be racial coexistence?  The Chinese stalls are far more populated than the Muslim ones.


Noor Jannah’s Kitchen-It is many stalls in one.  I wish they would combine each of their menus into one.  The chicken curry was pretty solid.  It tasted like Mom’s, but I am sure Mom’s is far healthier.  Prata bomb with ice cream-I will spare you the “it’s the bomb” pun.  It is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and pretty damn tasty.


West Coast FC-

Fresh fruit juice stall-yay, banana juice

Lee Loon Cooked Food-I have been feeling chicken rice for a while and this one had a few people waiting (no place with a queue really struck my fancy).  The chicken was tender (take a shot of your favourite libation every time I use tender), but the rice was nothing special.  They must not have used enough broth to cook the rice as it was a bit dry.  The gravy was novel and helped the rice become pretty decent.  Ginger as a condiment would have been nice, but overall this was okay.


27 June

Tiam Hock Guan Seafood Steamboat, watching Transformers in HD because Ayer Rajah FC is closed (booooo).  The garlic seafood hor fun was actually really good.  The sliced fish was a bit bland, but that was nothing some chili could not fix.  I love broad hor fun and the extra $2 investment in garlic paid dividends.


26 June


Bonifacio-I finally get to try Phillipine food in a nicer setting.  The minimum order on pork knuckle is for four-we were two.  Sinigang na Baboy-the pork belly was super fatty and superdelicious.  This does have a tangy kick not too dissimilar to tom yam soup.

The chopsuey vegetables were nice and crisp and similar (if not identical) to the Chinese variant.

The katipuneros was pretty off the chain.  Once again, the pork may give you a heart attack, but both it and the chicken were deliciously tender.  The sauce was also great.  We went sans liver, however.  The garlic rice was a perfect accompaniment.


Science Centre, Planet Shark! – The Science Centre is all about kids, but fortunately Planet Shark is not overrun by the little bastards.  Expensive exhibit ticket pricing prevents that.  It was interesting that the whole exhibit was dedicated to illustrating that sharks are not really a threat to mankind.  Every shark model is annotated with the number of humans that species has attacked and the number of people that species has killed.  From this data, we can ascertain that killer whales are much more efficient than great white sharks at killing people.  Shamu, we take you out of your primitive habitat, domesticate and degrade you, and this is the thanks we get?  Geez. . .

The 3-D movie was not too cheezy and rather informative; unfortunately, it adds on another four dollars to the price of admission.  There were no live sharks at the exhibit and the displays remind us not to support demand for shark products like shark fin soup.  Then, the exhibit contradicts itself by selling authentic shark tooth necklaces.  Fail.

All in all the exhibit is not bad.  I avoided the permanent exhibits because 1) I have a short attention span and 2) the rugrats had taken over.


Epicurious-great, fluffy french toast and wonderful orange dressing thing (compote?).  The scrambled eggs came runny, as I like them.  The sourdough bread was drenched in butter, but still really good.  The fresh fruit juices are spectacular, but alas not Lombok prices.


Caffe & Toast-mackerel otah: nice fluffy bread and wonderfully sauced mackerel.  I support this.


25 June


Tandoori Restaurant-methi malai mattar, paneer tikka, butter chicken, masala pappad, naan, puri, kulfi.  I am not a big pappad person, but the masala is quite nice.  The naan is a bit thin for my taste, but still nice.  The butter chicken is really a good entry point for ang mohs, as it is not overwhelmingly spicy.  It is a bit tangy for my taste.  The methi malai mattar was a bit long on mattar (peas) for my taste, but not bad.  One thing I need to get my hands on is a methi/daal combo-that idea has potential.  Now, the paneer tikka was epic.  It was a firm texture with awesome flavor.  One thing that was obnoxious was that this place is a stop for Indian package tourists.  Indian tourists who may be even less adventurous then Chinese package tourists.


Thai Fusion-green curry chicken, blachan Fried rice.  The blachan sauce had a bit of a fishy tinge, but it was still rather tasty.  The green curry was awesome, as expected.  The curry was light without too much coconut milk and had tasty vegetables.


24 June

NUS Guild House-tofu, fried chicken, samosas.  The samosas were meh, but the other two were super tasty.  Unfortunately, I was forced into drinking Tiger.  Booooooo


23 June

Tiam Hock Guan Seafood Steamboat, gong bao chicken rice.  I believe this is what us yanks refer to as kung pao chicken.  It is piping hot and tasty, but I cannot tell if it is any different than takeout back in the States.


22 June

81 Curry-I was always very curious about this place, so I staggered in after free flow.  The fried chicken had been sitting out a while and would have been nicer fresh.  The curry chicken was not bad, but it could have used a kick.  Then again, Chinese curry is always a bit flat in this department.   It did have a nice smooth flavor, though.


Insomnia-it was actually not maniacally packed.


Kinki-cool view and reasonably priced drinks, considering.  Interesting Japanese theme.


Chilli Padi, pork ribs.  I wonder if the reason that this place is so cheap and delicious is because they use cuts of meat that are super fatty.  I will have to test this with the beef and chicken dishes.


21 June

New Hong Kong Delight-The hotplate deer meat was not superlatively spectacular, although it was piping hot and really tender (especially considering that it is venison).  The meal was not a great deal, although I just polished off two people’s worth of food for $10.  What makes this place is the jovial couple who run the place.  It is not often you see a smiling Singaporean, and certainly not in a hawker centre.  I may have to come back for the prawn paste chicken.


Olio (alpha)-the bacon spaghetti was not bad


20 June 2010

Sumo House-what a peculiar arrangement, you order food with a waitress (who actually is friendly), pay at a counter, and then get your food at the table.  The curry udon was honestly way better than I would expect at this price range.  I may have to return to give the tempura (a good test of Japanese cuisine) a go.


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